Do Penis Enlargement Methods Work?

Some men who are sexually active take pride in having a strong erection. The size of the penis also matters. Some are worried about their small penis, and they think that they do not make them perform well in bed. They go around searching for methods that can help them enlarge the penis. The world flooded with various methods of enlarging the cock. Do they work? Are they safe? What are their side effects? Bodies react differently to medications, and the aphrodisiacs are used to enlarge the penis. Some people have seen their penis growing larger while others are still trying this and that to realize the results. 

How do you enlarge your penis?

There are a lot of ways that are said to work in enlarging the penis. They include pills, lotions, pumps, exercises, and more. The market is awash with the ways of enlarging the penis. The most thing that drives people to turn to these methods is sexual activities as many such people believe that the size of a penis matter in sex. Indeed, there are various sizes of penises in length and diameter. The penis enlargement methods are said to tackle the issues of length and diameter. Some of these methods work, while others are not effective.

Additionally, people react differently to these methods. What can work for someone cannot work for the other person. Some of the penis enlargement methods have negative side effects. 

At most normal and healthy times, the size of a man’s penis change when sexually aroused. Blood pressure, hormones, feelings, mental health plays a pivotal role in penis enlargement. Some of the methods change libido and also hardens the penis. 

7 Methods for enlarging penis

There are various options on penis enlargement that have been tried and tested by individuals. Below is a list of known methods.

  1. Pills 

The market offers oral tablets to enlarge the penis. There are a lot of pills that you can purchase to grow a penis. They are legal and available for retail purchase in pharmacies or online shops. Some of these pills prepared with various herbs and chemicals that can boost your body with proteins, vitamins, minerals, and more that can be effective in changing the size of a penis. These pills work for some people, while others are yet to realize the positive effects. Some of them have negative side effects. It is advisable to seek the doctor’s advice before using the tablets. Noteworthy, there is less evidence on the effectiveness of the penis enlargement of the pills. Online reviews of people testifying that the pills and their claimed effecency are not trustworthy, often manipulated for the sake of marketing the product. Read more about 5 Best Male Enhancement Pills (2022)

  • Lotions

There are creams, gels, oils, and lotions that can be applied directly to the skin of a penis or close areas. The lotions are said to improve the length and the diameter of a penis. These products made of various herbs and other ingredients that can improve the pelvic blood flow, thereby increasing the size of a penis. The success of the products is also highly debated. Some people experience change, while others do not recommend the products due to failure. Some say that the products do not change the size, but they change libido. The products work in hardening the penis rather than enlarging the penis physically. They also come with side effects. The creams can increase the sensitivity of the skin, and they can be cancerous. 

  • Vacuum pump

A vacuum pump helps to enlarge the penis, making the penis swell by drawing the blood to it. This method works temporarily. It doesn’t make the penis longer permanently. The method has its side effect that people should consider. As much as it can elongate the penis, it can damage it in the long run. Using it can irritate the skin and make it have weak tissues. As such, the penis can experience fewer firm erections if the vacuum pump is overused. Therefore, this method works to a certain extent for a short while, but it cannot change the size of a penis permanently. 

  • Traction method

The penis enlarged by using a traction device. The device stretches the penis tissue, worn for about 4 to 9 hours per day. The people who have used it say that the device can lengthen the penis by adding around1 to 3 cm. It also has its negative side effects. 

  • Jelqing exercise

The penis exercise that is known as jelqing is one of the safer methods to help in the process of enlarging the penis. It is also known as milking. The exercise follows by rolling the penis in between both hands, making the penis larger by making the blood flow to the head of a penis, thereby making it harder. It is a well-known thing that the penis grows bigger when hardened. Therefore, the effects of jelqing exercise in enlarging the penis are not scientifically proven. The method comes with its shortfalls, such as irritation, pain, and forming scars.  

  • Clamps and rings

Some people clamp the penis to make it harder and longer for some time. A clamp or a ring placed at the bottom of a penis.  Immediately after developing an erection preventing the blood from flowing back or out of the penis. If the blood stays around the penis, the penis remains hard and erect. The clamping device practice followed for 30 minutes or less. Wearing it for long minutes can damage the penis, believed to elongate the penis, but the reality of it is that it makes the penis stay erect for some minutes. The capacity of elongating the penis cannot be proven. 

  • Surgery 

Surgery is an option to make the penis a bit larger, but the method is not safe. Different types of surgery exist to improve the length and width of a penis.

  • The first one involves injecting the penis with fat cells.
  • The second one involves grafting.

Fat cells from other body parts to the penis used for grafting and the method can lengthen the penis by 2 cm or more. The other type of surgery is the suspensory ligament release. Doing surgery is risky. It can damage the nerves, cause infections, and more. 

Final thoughts

Various ways have claiming to be an effective remedy for penis enlargement. As discussed above in detail, some can work while others may fail. Different people experience these methods differently. Most of these methods are not scientific that they are effective in enlarging the penis. Others are good at making the penis erect and harder; therefore, people end up thinking that their penis is larger. Some methods work, and they can add about 2 to 3 cm. Penis enlargement methods are dangerous. They can damage the nervous system of your penis, while others can physically harm your penis. We recommend the use of Sizegenetics pills to enlarge your penis. Using it saves your penis from incendiary devices.